Hydropathy and
Reference DB:
(?) Control how the hydropathy is calcualted and the reference database to use.
Window size: 
(?) Size of sliding window for calculating average hydropathy along the sequence.
(?) Reference database against which to compare the query protein.
Query protein:
(?) The Protein sequence should be in one-letter amino acid format.
Enter your sequence in FASTA format:

Image Resolution:
(?) Publication quality resolution is typically 300 dpi, for web visualization 80-100 dpi is enough.
Graph Settings:
(?) Control several attributes of the graph that will be generated.
(?) Check to display grid lines on the graphs.
(?) Adjust the distance between x-ticks in the plot.
    Axis label font size:
(?) Adjust the font size of the axis labels.
    Axis tick font size:
(?) Adjust the font size of the ticks in both axes.